How we can help you to make your holiday more relaxed

At Harissa Villas we’re passionate about delivering an exceptional guest service. We believe in little things that makes staying in a villa so special. Our concierge list aims to anticipate your requirements to make your holiday even more relaxed plus all arrangements and tailored suggestions to ensure you make the most of your holiday time.





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Bespoke, proactive and instinctively responsive, we bring services tailored to each member’s need.

When it comes to assisting our clients – every demand we approach with precision, dedication and utter discretion. Harissa Villas will offer you the best to make your holidays unforgettable. After years of experience we selected a great team on demand, from massage treatments, yoga classes to a chef cook who can be at your service while you are enjoying a siesta at your private pool.

Explore the island through its desert trails and sand dunes on foot, motorbike or riding a horse.Water pleasures like scuba dive, kayaking or sailing a beautiful boat – and why not, while enjoying a real spectacle by jumping dolphins! Make a couple of reservations and avoid wasting time once arrived to the island. Travel inspiration and insights from our hideaway experts.

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