Santa Gertrudis

A charming village situated in the middle of the island, a much-loved meeting point for both locals and adopted locals

Distance by car

At the geographical heart of the island, the village of Santa Gertrudis, is Ibiza in microcosm.

Steeped in tradition, its whitewashed main square, church and a cluster of bars, restaurants and shops, whilst in the rich agricultural landscape all around, live sheep, goats and the island’s only dairy cows.

It’s also a home for many new residents from Europe and beyond who have brought a different, can we say Bohemian? style of living to the village. Many artists, sculptors and musicians have settled here over the years and their works are everywhere – in galleries and most famously in the Bar Costa where penniless artists in the hippy era would swap paintings for food and now hanging art competes with hanging hams for space.

Santa Gertrudis Gallery

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