March 2019: what not to miss in Ibiza
Ibiza at March wakes up to the first warm rays of a shy Mediterranean sun, eager to leave behind the last traces of the quiet island winter. This month is one of the best ones to wander through paradise avoiding tourists, and getting a glimpse -and a taste!- of how locals live and enjoy their time.

The people’s willingness and need to jump directly into spring is reflected on the amount of festivities and gatherings that take the streets of Ibiza’s charming villages. Below follows a selection of the events we should not miss if we have the opportunity to visit the island during March 2019.

First of all, let’s begin with the cheerful Carnival parades that fill the streets with joy in many of the island’s towns and villages. Once being the time of the year dedicated to let go, enjoy exquisite banquets and party till down, it might seem like no big deal on an island that has plenty of these to offer the whole year… but don’t believe you’ve seen it all. From the 3rd to the 9th of March, let yourself be surprised by the magic of the mesmerizing costumes, the music and the hypnotic choreographies.

Everyone in town gets a part on the parade. Colorful floats dance their way through the streets while lucky spectators get to experience the funny and the sexy, the ugly and the beautiful. It’s time for Carnival, don’t be afraid to join them if you feel it! If you hurry up, you might still be on time for San José’s parade, the 9th in the morning. A true last minute Ibiza experience!

If you are feeling hungry after the festive show, don’t think twice and head to the Mercat de Forada, right outside of San Antonio. You will find that they are celebrating their first Great Calçotada! For those who don’t know it, a calçotada is a lunch event that serves as an excuse to gather together and enjoy some quality and fun time while eating… well, calçots. A calçot is how people in Catalan tradition territories call the big, long roasted spring onions that they peal and deep in sauce (romesco sauce or calçots sauce? That is a never ending debate!) before eating them. Live music and craft beer will do their part on making the day a true unique experience.

Let’s focus on gastronomy events for a little longer… after all, who doesn’t love good food? Ibizan sure do, and that’s why they celebrate a pincho (or pintxo) festival that, attention here, lasts for a whole month! It is called Pintxa Sant Antoni, since it takes place in San Antonio, and its starting shot is the 14th of March. It has a new edition each Thursday until the 18th of April, so there’s really no excuse to miss it! The dynamics are simple, just remember: eat and repeat! Go to a bar, order the pincho you fancy the most and a drink, enjoy it and move to the next bar. Do that until you are full, and then… more pinchos next week!

Pinchos from Pintxa Sant Antoni, photo from

We are going to leave the foodie world now. We suggest to dive into the wonderful universe Ibiza has been able to develop and share with the world: the white weddings with a true boho-chic spirit. More and more couples are choosing Ibiza’s paradisiac locations to be the scenario of their “I do” and their honeymoon. A whole industry focused on providing the best white parties and experiences has emerged in the Island, and the 16th and 17th of March it gathers in Santa Eulalia for the new edition of Ibiza Bridal Week. Whether you are planning the best day of your life or you are just curious to see how a marvelous wedding is planned, here is where you should go. From inspiration to catering, let yourself be taken by the boho chic spirit.

Another kind of parties are the ones hosted by the people of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. The 19th of March is the day of the village saint patron, Saint Joseph, and a bunch of activities take place the whole moth to celebrate the pride of the town. Do not hesitate and let yourself feel the true local celebration. Until the beginning of April, you can find several cultural activities, such as traditional dances, live concerts, popular meals, art exhibitions, movie screenings, etc. Take a look at their website and explore all they have to offer, you will probably discover something that will catch your attention.

Beach Wedding
Last but no least, Atzaró gives us the perfect closure for an intense March of events. The 31st, this exceptionally beautiful hotel and spa is hosting a Spring Festival, in a location that breathes authentic Ibiza luxury. The entrance is under a fee, a percentage of which goes directly to a charity fund. From midday to midnight you will be able to enjoy a splendid artisans market, art, live music and DJs and activities for kids as well. You will receive some tokens with your entrance, that you will be able to exchange for amazing food and drinks in the event.

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